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WELCOME TO srinivasu.itgo.com


Hello! and welcome to my web site

Nice to have you on my site and this site contains informaion for the people in IT industry and general welfare. Some links are useful to the visually challenged people. To know more in depth visit the links that are in this page.

Introduction to other Pages

It is great pleasure to give introduction to other pages in this site. About page would give information about mself and aim of this site. Interests page would give information about some cool links and it shows my hobbies and interests. Have a nice surfing and send your suggestions to : VASU
Nice Tips

Welcome To My Home Page
This site would give you information regarding software and domain news and educational opportunaites for the blind and visually challenged people in India as well as in abroad.

Also you will information about religious and other good links. Hope this site will help you in knowing about IT Industry

You will also find information regarding Medical care, Rehabilitation Guidence, Information about organizations of and for the Blind in India and abroad. You can also get suggestions for your bright future from a Professional and noted Charetered Accountant and a well-wisher Mr. Sumit Agarwal and many more...

Captions for pictures
Adding captions makes my pictures more interesting.